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On this site you can find my pictures which I made in several countries in Europe. The most recent photo albums can be viewed directly from this home page.

Photo album Boxmeer: Brooks and hedges 06-08-2020


Photo album Ameland: Hagedoornveld, Paddenpad & Nes and the Zwanewaterduinen 05-08-2020


Photo album Schiermonnikoog: Infinite Schier 04-08-2020


Photo album Schiermonnikoog: Westerplas 04-08-2020


Photo album Nijkerk: Cross-country Heather and Oldenaller Estate 02-08-2020


Photo album Wolvega: Linde and Lende Valley 01-08-2020


Photo album Vlieland 31-07-2020


Photo album Arnhem: Jewels of Arnhem 29-07-2020


Photo album Terschelling Midsland: Landerumheide and Waterplak  28-07-2020


Photo album Terschelling Midsland: Stroll and jute 28-07-2020


Photo album Zwijndrecht: Kijfhoek on the Devel 26-07-2020


Photo album Wierden: The Notterveen 25-07-2020


Photo album Tegelen: Jammerdal & Trappistenklooster 24-07-2020


Photo album Hilversum: Gooilust and Spanderswoud 19-07-2020


Photo album Ameland: The Oerd and Kwekerijbos of Briksduinen  18-07-2020


Photo album Barneveld-Noord: Schaffelaar Estate 17-07-2020


Photo album Vroomshoop: The Zandstuve and Daarler Es 12-07-2020


Photo album Franeker: The Zuiderpolder & City Wall, Planetarium and Historic Downtown 11-07-2020