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On this site you can find my pictures which I made in several countries in Europe. The most recent photo albums can be viewed directly from this home page.

Photo album Varsseveld: Noorderbroek and Boven-Slinge 29-11-2020


Photo album Landgraaf: Rolling fields and forests 28-11-2020


Photo album Spaubeek: High fields and hollow roads 28-11-2020


Photo album Winterswijk: Bekendelle and Buskersbos 22-11-2020


Photo album Voorburg: Country houses along the Vliet 21-11-2020


Photo album Zoetermeer: Green Girths and Parks 21-11-2020


Photo album Aalten: Book town Bredevoort 15-11-2020


Photo album Eygelshoven: Worm & reservoir 14-11-2020


Photo album Valkenburg: Along the Geul and over high fields 14-11-2020


Photo album Lies Terschelling:  Formerumer forest and Wilhelminapolder 09-11-2020


Photo album Hoorn Terschelling:  Hoorner forest and the Warehouse 09-11-2020


Photo album Meerssen:  Vliek and Geuldal estate 08-11-2020


Photo album Houten:  New Wulven and Fort at Vechten 07-11-2020


Photo album Woerden: Utrechtse Veenweiden 3 07-11-2020


Photo album Bergen op Zoom: The Wall 01-11-2020


Photo album Brisk walk on Ameland 31-10-2020


Photo album Pure nature on Ameland 31-10-2020