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On this site you can find my pictures which I made in several countries in Europe. The most recent photo albums can be accessed directly from this home page.

Photo album Elst: Landscape park Lingezegen 21-02-2020


Photo album Haarlem: Alleys, Courtyards, the Spaarne and the Bavo 15-02-2020


Photo album Amsterdam-Muiderpoort: "Waterland, route 2" 15-02-2020


Photo album Afferden: Forest, Heather, Fens, Castle and brook 14-02-2020


Photo album Ommen: The new brige pancake route 08-02-2020


Photo album Mariënberg: "The Vechtdal, route 1" 08-02-2020


Photo album Swalmen: River Swalm 07-02-2020


Photo album Hoorn: Stadswal, Julianapark, Markermeer and old town 01-02-2020


Photo album Amsterdam-CS: "Waterland, route 1" 01-02-2020


Photo album Dalfsen: "The Vechtdal, route 3" 26-01-2020


Photo album Meppel: Polder Achthoevenslag 25-01-2020


Photo album Uffelte: The Brandeveen, a Swedish beauty 25-01-2020